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We are Conscious Create. We are an independent production company, cutting through the noise with award winning content for emerging disruptive platforms.

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Image Credit: Ben Young, Amazon Rainforest, Brazil

We develop, fund and produce stories that challenge perceptions.

Our productions include non-scripted and scripted specialised content, including live international television, award winning feature-length documentary, factual documentary, commercials, branded content and digital.

We produce for global distribution theatrically, on disruptive streaming services and the world's largest broadcasters. Our ambitious productions offer an exciting investment proposition, find out more here.



For commercial campaigns we work with large globals to SMEs, on projects including global advertising, digital content. Past projects include the launch of an App Innovation platform for the Government, Apprenticeships, Charity Fundraising, Cyber Security, Digital Cinema, IPTV, Mobile Technology, Social Media, Music Festivals and Team Building Events. This vast experience has given us the ability to take on challenging and unusual commercial projects.

We focus on stories and places that others don't, to create innovative and stand out content.



Image Credit:
Naseem Ahmed,
North Waziristan, Pakistan

Image Credit: Naseem Ahmed, North Waziristan, Pakistan


Internationally focused and evergreen content.

Conscious Create takes on subjects bold enough to burst through the white noise. Our business model works by creating content targeted at disruptive streaming platforms, tackling current topics in a timeless way. We take on subjects that explore and discuss the world around us: examining people, cultures, our environment and nature.

Conscious Create develops projects from concept to full production funding, including distribution and communications campaigning. We develop projects with clear financial strategies and documentation, utilising the Producers Relief Initiative and Tax Investment Structures to create productions with a solid investable status.

Working with Governments and local filmmakers, even in extreme locations, we build legacy projects that shadow, mentor and educate communities.

We create work in a variety of formats, including;

Scripted drama, Non-scripted factual, Format/returnable factual entertainment, Digital, commercials and branded content, Communications




Conscious Create is privileged to develop content in awe-inspiring places. We focus on positive stories and people, and the triumph of human endeavour in these locations.

We craft love letters to these remote places, enlightening and educating audiences.

As we develop content we strive to promote and communicate the greatest attributes of our host country. Our past filming locations across the Arabian Peninsula, Africa and South Asia have provided a multitude of stunning backdrops.

Image Credit: Troy Reid, Chewore, Zimbabwe


A Case Study

Two Weeks in November (TWIN) was seed financed and developed by Conscious Create, achieving its full funding goal in June 2018.

Image Credit:
Michael J Bowles,
Harare, Zimbabwe

Image Credit: Michael J Bowles, Harare, Zimbabwe


TWIN is a contemporary political thriller docu-drama, intended for cinematic release, retelling the extraordinary events surrounding the pivotal two weeks in November, resulting in the inauguration of President Mnangagwa. A production team of proud Zimbabweans, supported by a few heavy international hitters from the industry, have come together to create a leading, award-winning film.

Events are told through the prism of the people who planned and executed the long-awaited transfer of power. They are brought to life by the ordinary Zimbabweans that witnessed, rejoiced, and recorded the events on social media. Conscious Create aim to approach this from an entirely positive angle, with a focus on the vitality and sophistication of the local people.

The producers of this film project have unprecedented access to the key protagonists, allowing a first-hand point of view of an incredible operation, interspersed with amazing human endeavor. Conscious Create has investigated the inner workings of events, beginning with the President elect, the first family, the military and unravelling events deep into the shadows.

The Look

Conscious Create is creating a world class aesthetic, that is beautiful, bright and filled with hope. Recent events in Zimbabwe have been dramatic, bringing to mind the fictional world of Wakanda or political intrigue of Game of Thrones, in a real-life setting. These analogies, discussed in the film, help to create content that appeals to a younger 'Netflix Audience'.

The intention is to create an Award-Winning Documentary which will be shown on the Film Festival Circuit. It will be targeted to disruptive streaming platforms, with additional theatrical release in key international territories including pan-Africa.

TWIN will be a high-end love letter to Zimbabwe, working with an award-winning international cinematographer, as well as local talent, to deliver a film that is visually stunning. Conscious Create aims to craft 'poetry in motion', showcasing the magic of Zimbabwe. We are working with the Chief Animator of Game of Thrones, who originated from Zimbabwe, to deliver content that will drive interest from the press and a younger audience. TWIN begins production in August 2018 and delivers November 2018.


TWIN focuses on the incredible events of November 2017, beginning when Emerson Mnangagwa is fired and flees for his life across Mozambique. The story follows him as he impeaches Mugabe, forcing the repressive dictator to resign, and then as he returns triumphant, to his inauguration as President of Zimbabwe.

Conscious Create is tackling a once in a lifetime opportunity to produce a film that encapsulates a nation in its most important period in history.

The Producers felt this defining African story needed to be told by its own people, and so we have invested in finding talent and setting up post-production facilities in the country, allowing the entire production to be created in Zimbabwe.

Working with local filmmakers, the Zimbabwe Film Festival (ZIFFT) and the University of Zimbabwe, we are establishing long-term initiatives, including a film school & academy, student film competitions, mentoring/shadowing, an exchange program (US and UK) and training.



Image Credit:
Marius vaan Graan,
Visoke Mountain, Rwanda

Image Credit: Marius vaan Graan, Visoke Mountain, Rwanda


With the advent of streaming services in recent years, there is a rush for content to fill the appetite of the increasingly global audience. Conscious Create has innovated an opportunity to take advantage of this demand, utilising all available funding schemes, to create exciting investment propositions.

For more information about these opportunities read more below, contact Conscious Create directly, or through your IFA.

The Opportunity

In order to encourage investment in UK start-up companies by HNW individuals, the Government launched the Enterprise Investment Scheme in 1994. Within this initiative, HNWI's invest amounts in return for a shareholding in a UK company under two years old, and receive 30% - 50% of that investment in return from HMRC, on their tax appropriate tax period.

In return, the HNWI's only commitment is to hold onto shares for a minimum of three years, benefiting from increase in value of those shares - the risk being potential devaluing of shares, in which case there is a loss relief structure in place.

Why Conscious Create?

The concept of the Enterprise Investment Scheme is to encourage HNWIs to support and take an active interest in the growth of a company, in a structure that de-risks investment in start-up companies. In media, often considered a high-risk environment, this investment structure is used extensively.

Conscious Create is an exciting and ambitious production company, and with further investment, we strive to continue creating projects that inspire and stimulate conversation. By investing in Conscious Create, you can be a part of these vital conversations with global audiences.

Conscious Create also utilzes funding experience through other routes, including: broadcasters commissions, pre-sales and acquisitions, Grant applications, NGO Funding, Private equity through EIS, and direct investment Branded content and sponsorship. We have successfully funded a portfolio of projects, through a combination of these methods.




Whether you are a film maker with the next big idea, or an investor/IFA looking for more information, we'd love to hear from you.

We start conversations about things that really matter.